2nd inning-the new beginning

Hearing my friends talk about frustrations and no aim of life, while they are approaching their 40s make me wonder, why so?

I sincerely feel 40 is the new 20.
It’s the new beginning!

Our religious books talk about 4 phases of a persons life – There are four stages of life viz. Brahmachari (student), Grihasta (Householder) Vanaprasta (forest dweller or Hermit in semi retirement) & Sannyasi (the renounced one in full retirement).
The four stages may be said to represent periods of Preparation, Production, Service and Retirement.

Our second inning starts with vanaprastha or so to speak the service phase.

In today’s scenario approaching 40 means start of the service phase where a person is considered to be settled with all responsibilities of household and ready to take over bigger responsibilities.

It is considered that when a women approaches 40 her household is auto driven … everyone in the family know their responsibilities and dependency on her decreases gradually for daily chores.

40 is the beginning of her 2nd innings.
40 is her matured 20.
40 is her return to world after a long sabbatical in which she made & created a family.

This is the phase when a homemaker needs to explore space for herself. Rather than feeling depressed, lonely or frustrated she should explore her 20s again. This is the phase when she can re-live her  dreams wrapped in a blanket of matured thoughts & years of experience.

No where does It mean that her responsibility towards her home & household is over. At this stage she is at her best enriched with experience, bursting with confidence, and deserves a promotion!
Promotion always comes with added responsibilities.

Women, enjoy your 2nd innings. Plan it. Create space for yourself. Prioritize  your dreams which were left behind in your 20s. Step up, and welcome your 2nd innings with the same enthusiasm as you welcomed your teenage, your marriage, your homemaking and your motherhood.
Yes It’s the new beginning!
Yes it’s YOUR new beginning!


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