The no time syndrome

Women are culprits because they make themselves so.

Our so-called women dominating TV shows are the worst possible influence on society. It teaches women to portray themselves as the best for society and family ignoring completely ones own individuality. The TV soaps have women characters who go to any extent for their social and family responsibilities keeping their own self-respect and individuality in a dogs cage. The society is so badly influenced by the TV shows that all women feel that keeping themselves submerged head to toe in family, TV and socializing and announcing no time for herself is what today’s “mother India” is all about. And in all this they want to show that they are highly content and happy. They declare that 24 hours is just not enough to portray their “mother India” character. I have seen some women revelling their inner thoughts by removing their social mask and talk about their frustrations and depressions. And unluckily these today’s “mother India” are so much tied in their self-made knots that they can’t even show their frustrations and depressions openly. It’s a pity!

Homemaking is never about loosing your individuality. Homemaking is not about forgetting yourself. A successful home maker is a women who maintains her self-respect along with being successful in their family and individual life and yet gets time to indulge in fun-filled activities. One of my friends mom yesterday asked me why she needs to look into her own individuality when she is very content being a wife, a mom, a family person and a housewife. I felt her question was very correct. If a person is content being at home just involved with family then why will she involve herself in anything outside . “But what about your free time”, I asked. And she didn’t have an answer. Then I realised that most of us don’t understand the free time which we lazily waste in our life.

There is a saying – It’s not that I am busy it’s just that my priorities are different. It’s all about priorities. A mother of a 3 month old also gets into a full-time job and yet manages n grooms the kid nicely and on the other hand a mother of 10 years still feels she is struggling grooming a kid and can’t spare some time for herself.


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