I’m just beautiful me

i am just beautiful me

 “I’m beautiful in my way, because God makes no mistakes.”

I come across many ladies who feel shy getting dressed and looking beautiful. When the reason asked it’s either a quite smile or a loud laugh or a weird statement like “I don’t want to show off”.

‘Is looking beautiful a show off?’

No I completely disagree!

How can you appreciate the beautiful world till the time you step forward and appreciate beauty within?

I somehow enjoy the selfie trend which has started these days. It not only gives your FB a new look but also creates an eagerness to look good. Everyone in this world is beautiful it’s just that you need to appreciate your beauty & learn how to carry yourself.

You need to understand your body, your shape of body and show some confidence in yourself.

Everyone has their own way of looking towards beauty.  I may like white but you love appreciating colors.  I may love single tones you could be in love with shades, that’s what making your own choice is all about, that’s what is making your own personality

Lots of ladies walk into my boutique with the perception about certain color not suiting them. I feel slightly amazed. Nature provides us with tons of shades not creating any rules. I strongly feel that all colors go with everyone it’s just that how we carry it. We should not get afraid of colors. But yes, I will appreciate if we can increase our understanding about the texture pattern and shades of cloth which we wear. These should definitely be the selection criteria.

The color, texture & tone of the wearables should be selected as per weather, day or night and occasion. Rather than deciding on color suitability, I would prefer talking about what occasion and time I am going to wear what.

If we observe nature it also chooses the color as per day and night and weather. Summers you generally see trees less bright with less of green and more of bright color flowers like yellow, red and mauve. Hence, in summer enjoy wearing dull and lighter shades blending a bright contrast and you will steal the show. Summer evenings should be more colorful with light textures.

In monsoons nature is full of dark greens, which indicates more of dark shades and plenty of color so monsoon, especially in rain, you play with multiple colors and will be appreciated. Clothes with good a fall can be best for monsoons. Like the breeze you should also enjoy flowing in light fabrics with multiple textures and shades.

Spring is the time to explore new shades. Nature says I am new so are you. Enjoy exploring the market and enjoy at least one new shade every spring.

Here comes the winter providing you a chance to wear more of dark shades like black and blues along with heavy textures and heavier textiles.

Along with colors you also need to understand the art of carrying it. I see lots of people who love to spend on clothes but the moment the cloth is on them it loses its grace. Clothes don’t make you beautiful; your own grace blends with the beauty of the cloth making you look stunning.

It’s not necessary what looks good on Priyanka Chopra will look good on me because I am not Priyanka chopra. Recently, I see people going mad on making dresses what the celebrities wear. But, do we ever match our body contour and grace with the celebrity before deciding on just the dress which you feel is looking beautiful?

Enjoy being yourself, enjoy being beautiful, enjoy being you.

Know yourself and your beauty. The more beautiful you feel about yourself the more confident you will be, which in turn will keep your self esteem high and higher.

Be beautiful always!


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