Indeed-A Happy Father’s Day


Indeed , nothing could be better than celebrating a Father’s Day.
A father who is the first man (as in gender ) any child see after opening his eyes. Right from the moment a child is born father is the definition of his exposure to manhood. Everyday of the toddlers life is wrapped with the act of their father. How their father moves around, how lovingly he treats their mother, how he speaks, what he does and what broad picture he carries about the world. All these a child learns from his father.
In our patriarchal society father gives his son the treasure of his teaching about life, about society, about self respect, about respecting others and above all teaching about humanity.
Learning begins from home, hence parents are the first teachers. How a father treats his mother is the first lesson what a son learns with regard to womanhood. He learns his first lesson on feminism and the respect for them seeing his father. A daughter, seeing her fathers treatment towards her mother, learns the first lesson of her self respect. Father by his deed gives the daughter a confidence about her position in society. When a father treats her mother equally, daughter gets her first lesson of equality and the son get his lesson of treating women equal in all respect. Fathers choice of words and respectful activity towards women in society teaches the son to proudly follow his footstep and his daughter confidently expects others to treat her in same way.
Father provides the guide on values of life and it’s coexistence, without hurting each other’s sentiments and feelings. Father with his selfless deeds towards mankind gives his child the thought of being emotional, sensitive and kind towards every aspects of life.
Father is the one on whose foot prints his son and daughter walk both extracting values as per their gender. Son learns from father the value of being respected by giving respect and daughter simultaneously learns the value of self respect along with being respectful.
A happy Father’s Day is what I want to celebrate, what my son and daughter wants to celebrate and what our society as a whole wants to celebrate.
It is only possible when fathers happily teach correct values to their child and in turn children happily declares being proud children of a happy father.
My siblings and I carry the values of life happily given by our father and in the same way my kids are also celebrating happily Father’s Day.
Indeed it’s a happy Father’s Day for me.
Is it the same for you?


One thought on “Indeed-A Happy Father’s Day

  1. Indeed ….. a father is a role model for his children. His actions speak louder than words for his children, who emulate the same in their later lives.
    Tread carefully dear fathers, the children of the world are watching our every move.
    Lets make a better tomorrow by becoming better role models today !
    Happy Fathers Day !


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