Do we actually have common sense?
An accident happened in the heart of town and the girl died due to excessive bleeding since no one attended her. Though, the CCTV footage shows many passerby, some of them even stopped and tried dialing phone and capture pictures in their so called smart phone. In such a situation what should have been common sense- To hurry up and take the person suffering, to the nearest health center. But no one did this. Why? Did everyone who witnessed it was not having common sense?   Actually! this is what has become common about common sense. Nobody wants to access the privilege of having common sense.
I feel bad declaring that even if my common sense says that I should stop the person from throwing trash on the road but I don’t go forward and stop him rather I ignore feeling I am a good person and I don’t do the same. I restrict exercising of my common sense.

A pamphlet “Common Sense” written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776.That book actually talked about common and sensible things which common people had sense about but was not commonly exercising. Even Paine never thought that his very simple pamphlet will go viral. It simply shows that commonly we as human being have stopped utilizing common sense.
If we would have commonly exercised our common sense then a lady talking of women empowerment would not abuse her own Daughter in Law, If we would have commonly exercised common sense a man talking about equality of gender will not except her working wife to sit at home, if common sense would have been common, communalization of eating of beef wouldn’t have killed a person, if common sense would have been commonly exercised a lady wouldn’t be behind bars for killing her own daughter, if common sense would have been common our sex ratio wouldn’t have been topic for discussion, finally, if common sense would have been commonly exercised such articles wouldn’t have existed.
I really don’t know when we will start exercising our so called commonly available common sense but one thing I can vouch for sure that if entire humanity starts exercising even 50% of their common sense we would no
longer remain COMMON MAN.

Always beleive in yourself- Shyama


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