The Uneducated-educated

While on my way back from office I observed a biker swaying on the road without helmet and giving tough time to the drivers around him. Suddenly at a glimpse of a second I saw him weaving through first lane to the last and with a bang he with his bike was scratching the road. Luckily no other vehicle joined the crash. He got up immediately, with a grin, trying to curtain his embarrassment of the stupid stunt which he tried performing in the moving traffic. When observed closely I could see him carrying an ID card of a reputed corporate house which gave an impression that he is an on-role employee of the firm with a minimum MBA qualification. Amazed watching all these, I couldn’t stop wondering, how uneducated-educated the person was. Everyone who is educated, learn dos and don’t of the driving in their schools. Every one learn their lessons, speak it out,  get marks and then people like this biker become uneducated-educated.
Uneducated educated is a person who has gone thru his entire study curriculum, also have attended higher studies but in his day to day life no implementation of education is making him uneducated. They are the people in society whom you will encounter in your everyday life .Such people are worst than the real uneducated ones as it’s easy to convince an uneducated person of his wrong doing than making these educated but uneducated one understand. These uneducated-educated will always pretend that they know everything and keep on doing mistakes without giving notice to any advice coming their way. Such people most of the time are seen to be arrogant and egoistic about their ignorance towards their education. While writing this, one more incident popped into my mind. Recently I met one of my friend for Breakfast. We were  about to start eating when I saw him taking a medicine , empty stomach. When interrogated he responded that immediately after medicine he is going to eat hence not much of a difference it will make than having medicine after meal.  In my despair I kept wondering where on earth does my friend’s stomach gets the intuition that he is about to break his 8-9hrs fast by having breakfast and the stomach should not react to the medicine which ideally should be taken after the meal. The education that medicine should not be eaten empty stomach has been very nicely twisted over here with the uneducated fact that just after medicine food is being eaten. But my dear friend has remain uneducated from the lessons of science which sa
ys stomach starts its chemical reaction as soon as its surface feels anything hence stomach will not wait for food to come before acting on the medicine. My friend considered stomach more educated than his own self. Most of the time such uneducated-educated attitude seems very silly and small but if you consider it on a social platform it is becoming an epidemic. Knowingly things are done which should not be. Knowingly we keep breaking day to day laws, knowingly we keep exploiting our body, knowingly we provide damage to environment, knowingly we indulge into malpractices, and knowingly we pretend not to know things just for our own convenience & comfort. Unfortunately, this uneducated-educated behavior is destroying individual, family, society and world. I hope we start being educated than pretending to be one.

Always beleive in yourself- Shyama


2 thoughts on “The Uneducated-educated

  1. Very well said Shyama. Although the 2 people quoted did more damage to themselves than others, the world is full of similar uneducated- educated idiots who cause pains to a larger society. Your blog signifies the difference between education and literacy. Education is more about values and humanity, while traditional literacy is about degrees from schools and colleges. The most significant observation in your blog is that it’s harder to show the right path to these uneducated literates as they don’t know what they don’t know and instead think they know what they actually don’t know.


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