From Developed to Developing

Reading was always my interest but last one year I have seen my inclination towards reading of Indian mythology a lot. This inclination is not because I am growing old, rather the facts in the books are so mesmerizing that I am always looking for more and more details on it. The much I read the more I feel the pinnacle of development we use to enjoy in those days. For instance ‘Ram Rajya’ as described in our books, defines -An era when citizens never use to shut their doors, which could be interpreted in two ways- Either they had wonderful security system which can detect the difference between an outsider and a family member or as it is said in the books people were so rich and content that none of them had harmful intent of any kind. Whichever interpretation you believe in, the reality of today is we can’t think of having either existing.

Reading about the battle between Ram & Ravan we get to know about the advance form of weapon used had target sensors, they could identify targets, weapons could multiply after getting shot explains the format of chain reaction. There were weapons which could create a person visible at multiple places currently defined as virtual reality.

Recently Shiva Trilogy written by Amish opened a completely new look about the technology and medical development in those era. It talks about medical development wherein people use to stay alive for hundreds of years. There were high altitude places from where connectivity to different parts of world could be established which we call as transmitters or wi fi in today’s date. He also talks about advance forms of weapon being used. Ninja which are character in today’s movie existed then.

Even in Mahabharata, we talk about divya dristhi which can be interpreted as having a good media house in those days or a complete wi fi camera based connectivity. In Ramayan Ram returned to Ayodhya in Puspak Viman which explains Airways being very much in existence.

If we compare our shivling with the shape of nuclear reactor you will be amazed to find out that the shape and the way we perform prayer is comparable to how we treat a nuclear reactor. Medical facilities were highly advanced .We had surgeries, high end medical treatments and options of plastic surgery.

Talking about society culture the swaimvar system at that time gives the glimpse of the women empowerment.In both Ramayan and Mahabharata we can see the ladies having decision making power and men respectfully going by it. Ladies had their own private palace and even the king use to respect the privacy of the place.Though multiple wife system existed but each wife were given importance and due respect.( I am yet to find out the mental state and thought process of women about polygamy during those mythological era).

I know everyone of us must have gone through these comparison,but my point is about the gap which erased everything and took us back from ‘Developed to developing’.

What happened that everything got erased and we restarted ? What happened that from being leaders we became followers? What happened that from being developed we became developing nation?


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