Yes! We The Women

We are the makers
We are the creaters
We are the genesis
We are the  shapers..

We create the family
We mend the differences
We are the strength
We stand up like a fence

We fly high with potential
We land up with confidence
We swim through the sadness
We shape up for challenges

We are the women of substance
We know the delicate bonding
We can be soft and emotional
We can be hard and demanding

We feel for the world and want to live
We want to touch the sky & be feminine
We surely want to be a homemaker
We are the creater we are the shaper

Yes ! We are the women,
Yes! We have limitations..
Yes! We are delicate.
Yes! We have aspirations..

We stand by your side to shoulder your burden.
We cry a lot and show emotions.
Yet we have, our own presentations…
Yes! We are not MEN.
Yes! We the WOMEN.

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