A Mother can only understand Motherhood

It’s said, it’s described, it’s defined, it’s quoted but motherhood is a feeling only a mother can understand and experience.
Recently, when one of my friend was expecting she tried fantasising her feelings when the kid will be in her arms . My reaction to her fantasy was ” Motherhood is a feeling which can never be fantasized . It comes naturally with your child and gets into your soul, a Devine feeling which no one but the mother can experience.”
The feeling gets intense with every time u see your kid and it becomes deeper & deeper seeing your child’s first tear, first yawn, first stretch, first smile, first rollover, first hurt, first rattle , first crawl, first walk , first dance, first mess up, first day to school , first writing, first drawing, first result …. and these firsts never end for a mother all her life.
Motherhood is giving shape to a new life . While shaping up you twist, you turn , you break and be harsh too but the pride of shaping up a new life grows with the child and intensifies watching your child perform in the outside world.
Nature has created a mother to shape a new life and hence the feeling of motherhood is given only to a mother who accepts the challenge of nature . The challenge to overcome every situation and create a wonderful life who, in turn would understand the importance of the life given and would honour all such co-existing lives.
Motherhood is being questioned when the coexistence is not being respected, when the life who was so gently been shaped and brought to world forgets the essence of solidarity.
Hence, motherhood can’t be tied with a quotation, definition or synonyms . It is a commitment , a feeling , a promise, an endeavour which started with the first inception of life and will remain intact to each and every life till eternity.
Today I salute motherhood and wish that every mother should feel the quintessence of being one .
Motherhood is a commitment about the gentle life which enters  and merges into this world carrying the personification and pride of its ‘janani’ ,generation upon generation .
It is very aptly said, ” Motherhood is an influence whose impact can be seen on each n every human life.”


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