Kingdom of Kalinga could be termed as the genesis of current Odisha. The most prominent and famous descript about this area comes in the time of King Ashoka. The birth of Orissa, the current Odisha took place in 1936 after a long struggle for its formation which could be linked to  decades of severe poverty and  very slow development.

Fortunately the history describes Odisha as study centre for philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and science at the ancient university of Puspagiri which was among the oldest university of the world along with Takshashila and Nalanda. All three universities were mentioned by the Chinese traveler Huien Tsang (Xuanzang), who visited India in the 7th century. But unfortunately the details of Puspagiri was unknown till 2007, when the ruins of this university was found.

Odisha’s education prospered under Hindu and Buddhist rule. Its said that under Sun Dynasty it went into decline. Even Muslims and Marathas who occupied this part did least to spread education. Hence, once the hub of education went through a steep decline. Adding to the topping was colonisation which took Odisha further towards dejection.

As in Odisha colonisation came late from other parts of the country hence Education system of British era is hardly visible. The Cuttack Zilla school, Odisha’s first modern school up to matriculation level, was established in 1866. Women’s education was taken up with the establishment of the Ravenshaw Hindu Girls’ School in 1873. But with the 73.45% literacy rate in 2016 which is marginally less than national average we can perfectly talk about GROWING ODISHA  .

The development saw its seed from the year 2000. It has been seen that 2001-2005 phase has seen a revolutionary growth in Odisha’s GDP . Last 15 years Odisha has also observed an exponential growth is population flooding in from other states which in turn is creating a cultural melody bringing in the state of sublime. Though since 2010 the growth has shunted because of economical and mineral mining turmoil but nothing has stopped the pleasant pace of GROWING ODISHA.

With the concentration on industrial growth and Start-ups’ being encouraged there is no looking behind. The economy of Odisha is one of the fastest growing state economies in India. It is also one of the top FDI destinations .With the current participation in the run of Smart City, Bhubaneswar, Capital of Odisha, will soon be seen in a complete makeover adding a dazzling shine in GROWING ODISHA.

Summarising the facts:




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